No problem, give us a call. Our Case Managers will collect your information to start the process.

LET us research

Our Case Managers will verify your eligibility and benefits. We understand how confusing the process may be. Let us handle it.


Once we've determined coverage, eligibility and patient meets the necessary criteria as listed in their insurance policy.


Help is on the way! Our Case Managers will keep you updated during the entire mission.

we'll take it from here

AviaMedix will open a case and file the claim with your patient's insurance carrier for reimbursement or secure a pre-authorization of an aeromedical transport.


Researching insurance coverage can be time consuming and confusing. Medical insurance varies by provider and policy with different levels of coverage, available benefits and plan definitions.


At AviaMedix our insurance specialists use their knowledge and expertise to navigate through the insurance approval process on your behalf.


advocating your full benefits

Unlike most aeromedical transport providers, AviaMedix has an in-house legal counsel committed to helping patients obtain their rightful insurance benefits.

We serve as patient advocates, ensuring your patients receive the full medical benefits as stated in their private health insurance policy 


AviaMedix will do everything possible to utilize our contracted/dedicated aircraft vendors which operate under their own FAA 135 certificates. AviaMedix provides full time air medical crews, medical equipment and EMS Policies & Procedures.
Transportation delays such as weather, travel conditions, health or safety factors or unforeseen maintenance issues may cause AviaMedix, or the Part 135 air carrier operating the flight, to subcontract/outsource the medical services or flight to another approved provider. AviaMedix and the Part 135 air carriers with which it contracts, run a quality driven operation with an excellent safety record.
*Available upon request. Gulfstream, Challenger and Falcon aircraft are not dedicated, nor do we have operational control. These aircraft will be equipped with medical staff and equipment when utilized.

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